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GMK Vimcaps

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Image of GMK Vimcaps
  • Image of GMK Vimcaps
  • Image of GMK Vimcaps

Attention: New shipping policy as of June 3rd 2017. For details see here.

Limited two per person. Orders exceeding the max quantity will be refunded the difference without notice.

These are extras from the group buy.

Profile: Cherry
Material: Doubleshot ABS
Manufacture: GMK
Color Codes: N7, WS1
Compatibility: Cherry MX

What's included:

  • One R1 1u
  • Four R3 1u
  • One R3 1.75u
  • One R3 1u with homing bar
  • One R3 1u with scoop
  • The 3d render is courtesy of /u/Zambumon