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Group Buy - DSA Vimcaps

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Attention: The group buy closes July 15th @ 11:59PM.
Status: 101 ordered. MOQ reached!
Update: Orders will begin to ship November 6th.

Profile: DSA
Material: Doubleshot ABS
Manufacture: Signature Plastics
Color Codes: WA, VCS
Compatibility: Cherry MX

What's included:

  • Four 1u navigation keys (i.e. H, J, K, L)
  • One 1u deep dish J key
  • One 1u homing bump J key
  • One 1u Vim key
  • One 1.75u Vim key
  • One 1.75u stepped Vim key

  • If MOQ is not reached (100 units) you will receive a complete refund.

    Timeline: Orders will begin to ship early November.

    Regular items ordered alongside this group buy item will ship together, unless otherwise requested.