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Alien II

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  • Image of Alien II

Attention: All orders were supposed to ship out June 11th, however I've had to push it back to June 18th. I apologize for the delay.

Attention: International shipping costs have changed, please see the faq for details.

Limited one per colorway. Orders exceeding the max quantity will be refunded the difference without notice.

Created by /u/Bgnu-Thun. Unlike the Thabertooth, these stems are not swappable.

Round Four

Sunrise - pink teeth w/ blue body
Sunset - blue teeth w/ pink body
Pink Skull - pink teeth w/ clear body
Classic Black - white teeth w/ black body

Round Three

Star Spawn - yellow teeth w/ blue body
Neophyte - red teeth w/ tan body
Plascrete - gray teeth w/ clear body
Void Beast - black teeth w/ black body

Round Two

Hypermorph - purple teeth w/ teal body
Xenofuse - teal teeth w/ purple body
Cryomaw - teal teeth w/ gray body
Purple Haze - purple teeth w/ clear body

Round One

Bloodied - red teeth w/ black body
Black - clear teeth w/ black body
Irradiated - black teeth w/ green body
Crystal - clear teeth w/ clear body

Compatibility: TMX (Compatible with both Cherry MX & Topre)

Round One Gallery
Round Two Gallery
Round Three Gallery